Sapphire use the optimum  percentage of Industrial Diamond and Carat size to achieve premium quality blades that deliver excellent value for money, both in cost per metre  cut and long life. 
Laser welding of segments ensures no loss of diamond segment even at the highest friction of temperature.  Blades for cutting concrete, marble / granite, asphalt, fired brick, etc.  Will outlast normal cutting discs (200 – 300 normal discs to 1  diamond blade).

It is important to use the correct blade for each application.  Improper blade selection will shorten or ruin the life of the blade.

Our laser weld diamond blades offer the user:
  • A longer lasting blade “more cuts for your money” – increased productivity;
  • Fast cutting – cuts 1.1/2 – 2 times the speed of normal discs;  
  • Increased efficiency ie.  the diamond blade does not have to be constantly adjusted for depth (resulting from wear) as in the case for normal discs.

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