Bahco Hand Tools

Wednesday 12th April 2023

" style="text-decoration:underline">Bahco is a premium tool brand working to accommodate the needs of the green, automotive, industrial metal cutting and general industries. Their tools are tailored to the highest-performing professionals, and they have invented some of the most essential tools in the world, accumulating more than 400 registered patents and multiple awards:

  • Adjustable pipe wrench
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Multi-component handles
  • Sandflex® saws
Bahco’s history stems as far back as 1886, when the first Bahco saw blades were produced. These were made using the blueprints laid out by Göran Fredrik Göransson, a Swedish merchant, ironmaster, and industrialist, in 1862. The company was then called Enköpings Mekaniska Verkstad and owned by Johan Petter Johansson, who was responsible for the modern plumber wrench and the adjustable wrench. In 1890, businessman Berndt August Hjorth acquired the company’s sales and marketing rights, and in 1916 he owned all stock relating to Enköpings Mekaniska Verkstad changing the name to AB BA Hjorth & Co. In 1954, the name was changed to AB BA Bahco, and has gone through multiple changes and acquisitions since.

The Fish and the Hook
The symbol, what is recognisable today, has been the same since 1886. It derived from the idea that fishhooks were only made with high-quality steel. This is the same steel which Bahco saws and cutting tools were forged from.

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